Door Hangers

I Received a Door Hanger

If you received a door hanger it means one of our roof inspectors has done a walk by visual inspection from the ground and has noticed something damaged on your roof.

Whenever we install a roof or siding in a neighborhood that was paid for by a home owner’s¬†insurance company we canvass the neighborhood offering free roof/siding inspections. It only makes sense that what happens to one roof happens to many, most homes are built in the same year with like materials.

Mother Nature does not discriminate.

Damage could be any number of things or a combination.

Wind damage is the most noticeable to the untrained eye, it typically could be:

  • Missing shingles
  • Missing tabs
  • Lifted shingles
  • Nail Pops
  • Damage to the rake line
  • Damage to the ridge line
  • Damage to the eave line
  • Creased tabs
  • Damaged vents

90% of roofs that are replaced by the insurance company are not missing any shingles but have received wind damage to the tabs, they become creased and over time break off and leave your home open to water damage.

Hail damage takes a trained inspector to access your roof and look for damage. Hale impacts the shingle and fractures the mat, aluminum flashings become dented and dimpled and susceptible to leaks, window sashes break off, air conditioning compressor covers and cooling fins become damaged as well as mailboxes and lamp posts.

It’s your duty to your insurance company to maintain and inspect your property, if you find damage you are required to report it to your insurance company in a timely manner or risk not realizing any benefit from your insurance¬†company.

Do not wait till you have interior damage from water intrusion and possibly mold and mildew, stay off that ladder and call now and let the trained professionals do a free inspection.