If your home’s roof has been damaged by harsh weather and needs to be replaced, My Home Pro provides top quality residential roof replacement services. We have the experience you need to accomplish that task. Replacement of a damaged roof, whether it is wind damage or hail damage, making repairs immediately after the damage has occurred is important so that other areas of your home, particularly ceilings and interior walls do not become damaged as well. Once water intrusion occurs mold and mildew very closely follow.

Some of the more obvious warning signs that you need your roof replaced include roofing materials lying in your yard or an observation of missing or torn roofing shingles. Less obvious signs of roof damage include interior wall blistering, dark spots on walls, sheetrock discoloration in your attic spaces, algae buildup on shingles, crimps or upward tilting roof edges on the exterior edges of your roof line, and dirty looking shingles.

For regular maintenance or weather related damage, My Home Pro is your residential roof replacement expert. No matter how well you maintain your roof, it may need attention when a severe weather event occurs.

If you suspect or know your home needs a roof replacement, contact our experienced, licensed Residential Roof Replacement Service at My Home Pro for an estimate.